Fun Stuff

We can facilitate a number of fun team activities. Why not combine business with pleasure!

Master Pieces (120 mins)

Each team creates a painting, which happens to be a part of a larger Masterpiece piece. At the end of the exercise, the final masterpiece is unveiled with each team member having contributed.  This is a unique and memorable idea for team building. The final picture can be displayed in your office as a reminder of the day; who said art and business couldn't mix.


Drumming workshop (60 mins)

Team building activity – get your team working to the rhythm of a percussion workshop.


Chain Reaction (2 hours 30 mins)

This is a great team activity. The main emphasis is that everyone contributes to the overall success of the project. This can be related to how we work on a day to day basis across project teams. The objective is to create our own MACHINE. Each team is given a flight case which contains all they need to create their own section of the machine. This is a very complex exercise and the teams must make sure that all parts are assembled correctly. Any errors will become obvious when all teams join together for the explosive finale.


Shake it” Cocktail Night (120 minutes)

Learn the tricks of the trade and the art of becoming a professional cocktail maker. Individuals will be given the chance to get behind the bar and mix up a storm with a cocktail night, an exciting interactive event that illustrates the importance of team work.

Our professional instructor will demonstrate how to make three cocktails then groups take turn to get behind the bar and recreate the cocktail. There is also a Shooter Layering Session where the instructor will show you how to layer B52s, Cowboys, Slippery Nipples, Squashed Frogs and many more. Then it’s the groups turn to test out there steady hands and of course taste the shooters if they wish. There will also be 3 free Cocktails per person afterwards.


Impossible Mission (120 mins)

Teams have to collect clues and complete challenges in order to crack the safe. Quality of the clues and challenges are dependent on what is available at the venue. Teams will engage in problem solving, compass navigation and team work. 


Gravity Ball


Gravity Ball requires teams to build a construction capable of transporting a ball from one zone to another; the ball must roll freely along the construction using gravity only. There will be a shared zone that will require team collaboration, cooperation and coordination. Everyone needs to contribute to the overall team objective whilst ensuring their own structure functions correctly. Any errors will become obvious when all teams join together for the explosive finale.


Wacky Racing Machines (120 minutes)

Teams are challenged to build a vehicle that goes really fast (The Drag Race), really far (The Dakar Rally) and can carry a cup of water over a distance of 4m (The MPV Utility Challenge). Cash Prizes will also be awarded for Technical Innovation and Most Stylish Design.