We have designed and facilitated a variety of team, project and business workshops. We can also work with larger groups at corporate conferences and stakeholder engagement events.


Project Strategy/ Charter

The Project Charter workshop will create a collaborative working environment where representatives from the project team can share ideas, clarify the project brief, discuss the constraints, opportunities and limitations of the project.

The Project Charter workshop is structured around the following framework:


Smart Objectives has also developed a comprehensive document structure for the Project Charter that is aligned to this framework.


Project Review 

The project review workshop is for project teams that want to take a strategic look at how the project is being delivered. The workshop enables the team to:

  • share views and perceptions
  • identify key concerns
  • establish common goals and critical success factors 
  • identify and monitor project performance

During the session, the team will also map the key project milestones, identify and monitor key risk items. 

The objective of the workshop is to facilitate and foster team development and improved project performance.


Framework/Service Delivery Review - Big Picture Mapping

Big Picture Mapping workshops are ideal for teams that are involved in delivering a service, who would like to work with their client or other stakeholders to take a strategic view of how the service is being delivered.

During the workshop delegates are given an introduction to value, efficiency and the extended value stream. This is a facilitated workshop where we help the team identify barriers that inhibit performance and opportunities to improve service delivery. The session includes a SMART action planning session where the team and stakeholders together develop integrated improvement plans. 


Business Strategy / Planning


Strategy planning workshops are for senior managers and business leaders would like develop a strategy in collaboration with their staff. 

The workshop enables the key stakeholders of the business to develop the strategy and understand the key challenges that they will face in delivering the business objectives.

How often to employees get the opportunity to contribute their ideas and influence the direction of a business?

This workshop enables the business leader to engage their staff and gain their commitment to the strategy. The team will develop some short-term measurable objectives and action plans that support the delivery of the strategy. 


Stakeholder / Community Engagement

We have worked with a variety of stakeholder groups with 10-180 people. Our stakeholder engagement sessions give delegates the opportunity to raise concerns and work on the issues that they believe are important. There is no set agenda or no wasted time discussing issues that are not important; instead delegates collaboratively decide on the topics and issues that should be reviewed during the session, and a time and place have their scheduled meetings.

This is a fun and engaging session where everyone can participate and contribute to resolving the big issues. Theses sessions are great where there are a large number of delegates and large number of complex issue that need to be resolved.


Facilitation Training & Presentation Training


We are experienced facilitators and presenters with thousand of hours or facilitation and presentation experience. Our innovative and fresh approach to delivering engaging events we help. We do not deliver open programmes and courses; instead we work with companies, networks and individuals to help the deliver exciting sessions.


Coaching and Mentoring Programmes


Our coaching and mentoring programmes will help you to understand and develop your role as Coach/Mentor so that you can create a cultural change and improvement within your business. During the programme delegates will:

  • learn apply a variety of coaching models to inform their approach to coaching/mentoring
  • learn to communicate in an effective and empathic manner to enhance relationships with their colleagues
  • use the coaching process to develop people in a ‘one to one’ and group dynamic
  • effectively give and receive balanced feedback


Conference Facilitation


We are experienced conference facilitators and moderators. We have facilitated many events, with as much as 100-400 delegates. We believe that a good conference draws on the experiences from those who attend. It is important that the conclusions drawn at the end of the conference will create positive and meaningful solutions. Our facilitation style for events is lively, informative and engaging. When we facilitate we aim to:

  • create an environment where delegates can explore the opportunities that exists within the context of the conference
  • identify best practice, share experiences, lessons learnt and transfer knowledge
  • capture delegates perceptions to help drive an industry wide strategy and adoption

Using Electronic E-voting Equipment at your conference

By using electronic voting equipment at events, we can engage audiences and get feedback from delegates in seconds. E-voting offers an alternative to conventional presentations, allowing the audience to feel part of the delivery, helping them to maintain interest throughout the session. 

E-voting works with PowerPoint, allowing us to create multiple-choice questions on PowerPoint slides for the audience to answer. Voting is anonymous and the results of live polling can be displayed instantly for all participants to see. We can adapt any standard presentation to gather critical feedback, capture perception and test understanding. 

Handsets are roughly the size of a credit card or small calculator. Smart Objectives have delivered numerous workshops and conferences with delegates ranging from 10-250 people using e-voting technology. This scalability means that every delegate can interact with the presenter at the touch of a button. 

E-voting also allows us to collect data, analyse and then report on the results immediately. The results from sessions can be taken back to the office, analysed, and then shared with other stakeholders as a way of sharing and passing on the knowledge.