About Smart Objectives

Established in May 2008, Smart Objectives Limited delivers inspirational facilitation and training programmes, that challenge and stimulate positive action from people. Our approach centres on the philosophy that people create success. 

We have an impressive track record for delivering business workshops and training events, that are engaging and fun. Combined with over 25 years experience as facilitators and trainers, we are experienced in designing and facilitating business sessions for corporate/annual conferences, stakeholder focus groups and business workshops. We also design and facilitate a variety business and fun away-days.

Our Mission

Our mission is to support the development of people and teams, to help them create improvements in project and business performance.


Our Philosophy

Our approach centres on the philosophy that people create success. 

There are some key principles that underpin the way we work:

  • workshops should be interactive and fun; experience shows that people participate more when they enjoy the experience
  • there should be full participation from individuals who attend these workshops; delegates must commit fully and be responsible for their actions
  • all team players should lead by example; they are all champions and role models, that can facilitate change
  • there must be management support and commitment to facilitate the desired changes and improvements in performance; “there is no a quick fix”


Where do we work?

Smart Objectives is a UK based organisation. We have delivered workshops and training sessions all over the country. We regularly work in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Cardiff, North Wales, Derby, Manchester, Leeds, Coventry, Birmingham and London and the Home Counties. Occasionally, we deliver workshops and facilitation services in exotic destinations in Europe.

We are happy to works anywhere in the UK and Western Europe. Wherever we work, we are able to manage the transportation and delivery of all the facilitation equipment required to deliver your workshop.