You Are Not As Rational As You Think

These set of slides give a great insight into cognitive bias.

Can our mental strategies lead to Cognitive Bias? Are we free from unbiased thoughts? Is there such a thing as being in the present; not in the past or the future?

Anchoring bias, confirmation bias, the availability heuristics (mental short cuts), gamblers fallacy, planning fallacy (optimistic bias) and sunk cost fallacy are the different biases that we use. Explore for yourself, you may not be as unbiased as you think!

Ignorance is bliss! or not!

Although I work predominantly in the construction work takes me into other sectors.So I hope you don’t mind my leading construction example. 

"Traditionally, managers in the construction industry are used to focusing on project delivery, where the end of the project brings the conclusion of a particular set of tasks or a defined output. In contrast, departmental (functional) managers think tactically, by focusing on delivering their part of the business or project, in line with a strategy that in most cases has been defined by someone else. Business leaders, on the other hand, need to think more strategically in order to deliver a successful organisation – the responsibility for defining and setting the strategy lies with them“. Extract from a book I was writing!

Here lies the problem.

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Site visit to 26 Albermarle Street is slightly milder this morning while I was on route to No.26 Albermarle Street in Mayfair for a site visit. I haven't been on a site visit for about 4 months so this should be interesting.

The company responsible for this unique project is Glebe Asset Management Limited. Glebe is a  dynamic property investment and development company based in London. Although this project is not as large as some of the project team that we have worked with (The Tate Modern being the latest addition), it is not small in ambition!

The £7.5m development will transform 26 Albermarle Street from commercial office use into 5 luxury residential apartments. Eric Parry Architects have been appointed to lead the design and 8Build will deliver the construction. Construction has commenced on site and the project is scheduled for completion in the autumn of 2013.

I cannot believe the size of the penthouse apartment 5000+ Sq.feet of luxury. I think my house can probably fit into this apartment almost 4 times!

Demolition has just started on site and Smart Objectives will deliver the project review workshop later in the month. I will keep you posted



Room with a view

In over 13 years of facilitation I have been to some lovely venues in the UK and Europe. However, being a Londoner we often take what is around us for granted.

Until this point, I would have probably ranked the view from Riverside Suite, IET Savoy place, as the best. This is one of my favourite rooms in London to facilitate a workshop and the best thing about this room is the balcony. When the sun is shining during a lunch break we (the delegates and I) can hang out on the balcony, eat lunch and marvel the view.

But I think this view has a rival!

Today I facilitated the project review workshop, for the £215m Tate modern project.  I arrived at the Mace project office at about 9:00am the session was due to start at 13:00. I did my final prep and was taken to the East Room so that I could set up. I stood outside and when the doors opened the bright naturally lit room just beamed a fantastic view.

My first words were "Wow...I must say, this is definitely a room with a view". 


The Shard- View from the East Room (Tate Modern)


 Globe Theater

Globe Theatre - View from the East Room (Tate Modern)




Facilitation in action! - View inside the East Room (Tate Modern)