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At Smart Objectives, we work with all types of groups,...

We are great conference facilitators
We can help your team see the "big picture"
Look at the Behavioural Change and Coaching Case Study!


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Low Zero Carbon Hub The Wales Low Zero Carbon Hub is a coalition that is supported by the Welsh Assembly... Read more
Network Rail – UK National Programme Smart Objectives delivered a series of Behavioural Change "Making a Difference" (M.A.D)... Read more
Quadrant 3 Project Team The project team lead by Stanhope and Sir Robert McAlpine, are currently working on the Crown... Read more
American Express Project Team Sir Robert McAlpine is leading the construction team as part of the American Express’s £100m... Read more
South West London Public Health The Strengthening commissioning in South West London Strategy Workshop brought together... Read more
Sovereign Development Consortium The Sovereign Development Consortium (SDC) is an alliance of eight general needs landlords and... Read more
Derby Homes (Responsive Maintenance Partnering Contract) Derby Homes Limited is an arm's length management organisation – ALMO created by Derby City... Read more
Denbighshire County Council(School Maintenance Programme) Denbighshire County Council is committed to providing a first class education for all children... Read more
Carillion Rail Behavioural Change /Coaching Programme The Carillion behavioural change programme is designed to raise awareness of behavioural safety... Read more

Smart Objectives - Creative Facilitation in London and the UK

Smart Objectives is a London base company that delivers creative facilitation, facilitation training, community and stakeholder engagement, executive coaching, project team development, project workshops, coaching programmes and challenging team building away days nationally across the UK.

Our workshops are engaging and fun. Combined with over 25 years experience as facilitators and trainers, we are experienced in designing and facilitating business sessions for corporate/annual conferences, stakeholder focus groups, business and project workshops. We also design and facilitate a variety business and fun away-days. 



  • Project Review

    Project Review Workshops

    The Project Review Workshop helps project teams to assess their progress and performance. We help teams to understand the different perceptions that are present and help the team to identify barriers that inhibit project delivery.

    Teams establish their common goals, map out the key activities that will lead to the successful delivery of the project and share views and key concerns about the project. Teams also create short term action plans to help manage future activities


  • Stakeholder Engagement

    Stakeholder engagement workshops

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  • Strategy Planning
  • Process Improvement